Wayne Megill

A life long athlete, I did it all as a kid (back when we did not have to commit to one sport while still in the womb). By the time high school came around I was real small so wrestling was where i focused.

Kelly Megill

My passion for coaching comes from the sheer fact I love seeing people see for themselves that they CAN do it. My sense of humor carries though when I coach and teach.

John S.

Growing up played soccer in high school and was in ok shape. A few years after graduating from college decided to do a mud run.

Helen Serth

I always thought I was good at sports, but not great. I wanted to be great. CrossFit taught me what great looks like. It wasn’t about being the perfect clothing size, the fastest runner or the strongest person..

Christina Gallant

I live for ah ha moments. They could be finally eating enough protein, perfecting that clean and jerk, or simply finding a community that makes you smile after a killer workout.

Brandon Prieto

Being involved in sports all my life allowed me to understand the discipline and focus it takes to be successful. I enjoy the idea of being able to focus on a weakness and reach goals that may have seemed impossible in the past.

Laura Derrico

My purpose for teaching yoga is to provide a safe space to empower those to empower themselves.I can run forever, savasana forever, eat guacamole for days, and currently hold the unofficial Dance Off Champion of Casa de Derrico.

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