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Rev UP Bootcamp Classes

Rev UP Group Classes

Are you bored or plateaued with the treadmill, or jumping around in front of your TV?  Say goodbye to the headphones and redundant workouts and prepare to Rev-UP!  Similar to a Boot Camp or Circuit style training, this class will be a fast based cardio workout without the heavy weight lifting.  Designed to get the body in the fat burning zone, and keep it there, Rev-UP is perfect for the beginner athlete looking shed weight and body fat, or for the serious athlete looking to improve overall cardiovascular performance.  We provide high fives, a good sweat, and top tier coaches trained to tailor each and every workout to drive results and Rev-UP your metabolism and cardiovascular health

What to Expect

For 45 minutes, our trainers will whip you into shape as you circulate between cardio and strength training. Any given workout might consist of push-ups, squats, lunges, running, or jump roping, as the coach will spare no method in the quest for fitness.


No prior experience necessary

All Rev UP classes require pre-registration before class time.

We offer a 25% discount for students, military and first responders.


No obligation. Try a Rev UP Class on us

Unlimited Classes $95/mo

10 Sessions - $150

Unlimited Rev UP + Yoga $175/mo

*open to all Rev-Up and Yoga classes

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